Advisor ceramics

Advisor ceramics at sundaymorning@ekwc and Rijksakademie in Amsterdam

Since 2002, I have been advising artists and designers from all over the world during their residences at sundaymorning@ekwc (the European Ceramic Work Centre). The work that is realised here is of exceptionally high technical and artistic quality, and demands a continuous readiness to face new challenges. Armed with an extensive knowledge of the many possibilities, I assist the artists-in-residence to bring off their most ambitious plans.

As head of the ceramic workshop of the Rijksakademie I also advise artists, both residents and alumni. Many of them have little knowledge of the ceramic process, so it is up to me to possibly foresee and solve the problems they might encounter as they move along. It is a wonderful feeling when another one of those ‘impossible’ experiments leaves the kiln in one piece.


Advisor ceramicsMarianne