# 10 Mr. Nitsch don’t mess with me

jelly, wine, knife, ladder, rope, various construction materials

mEATing\kill your darlings – Udenhout (2013)

In this performance, loosely based on Nitsch’s Orgien-Mysterien-Theater, I slaughter a lifesize gummy pig and ask the audience’s assistance to hang a cast of my own body upside down on a ladder – my gummy mirror image replaces the slaughtered animal that used to be left to bleed out this way. Wine is passed around like blood, the violence is inescapable, the tension mounts, but there is no room for abandonment or release in this sterile industrial environment. And I am not a girl who submits herself to a grinning potbellied satyr.

# 10 Mr. Nitsch don't mess with meMarianne
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