ceci n’est pas une histoire douce

jelly, liquorice, plexiglass, alumium, steel, 200 x 400 cm

Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival – Groningen (2011)
thanks to Noorderzon performing arts festival and Hoepman Haribo Suikerwerken b.v.

This large installation for the Noorderzon Festival consists of 20 panels with edible glass-stained images, made of 100 kilo jelly and 432 meters licorice. I am showing six panels at a time, replacing them as soon as people have finished the image. The representation, which runs across all panels, has been entirely made up of quotations from well-known paintings, starting with Manet’s Le déjeuner sur l’herbe. Via parties and orgies where the wine is flowing abundantly, the scene escalates into a bloodbath. The awfulness of the images doesn’t stop the audience from eating all the winegum and liquorice. Transience and the here and now, celebration and violence, children’s innocence and cruel reality: all elements are represented – and none of them remain!


ceci n'est pas une histoire douceMarianne
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