Fuck Barbie

porcelain, height 170 cm

Burgers, Eindhoven (2007)

Fuck barbie’ is a life-size Barbie doll of pure white porcelain – the precious material dolls were made of before cheaper plastics replaced it. Dressed as a classical Madonna at the unveiling of the statue, Barbie was stripped naked except for a fig leave covering her non-existing genitals. Standing in a niche overlooking the busy traffic below she is like a Holy Mother of Commerce blessing those that go shopping. Meanwhile, the façade she adorns belongs to a former squatters stronghold known for its aversion of consumerism. During Eindhoven’s annual Light Tour, ‘Fuck Barbie’ is surrounded by a bright pink halo that sheds a new light on the familiar sinner-saint or mother-whore dichotomies.

Fuck BarbieMarianne
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