double bed, linnen, winegum

Revaluation – Künstlerhaus am Anscharpark, Kiel (2016)

Dreams and memories surround the bed, a place of love, pleasure, rest and happiness as well as grief, illness, solitude or sorrow – it is one of the most intimate objects in our lives. Our old bed is falling apart but with Klef (sticky), Nanne and I give it one last prominent moment as an artwork demarcating the private and the professional sphere. At once inviting and revolting it stands in the exhibition exactly the way we left it after a night’s sleep in the exposition space – but now with the matrass sealed in clear-red, sticky winegum. In no time, its spotless, shiny surface is covered with prints of hands and fingers: traces of an uncontrollable curiosity.

Collaboration with Nanne op ’t Ende

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