unfired clay

Revaluation – Künstlerhaus am Anscharpark, Kiel (2016)

Die Kniende is Wilhelm Lehmbruck’s most famous sculpture. Celebrated at the 1913 Armery Show but branded as entartete Kunst by the Nazi’s, it was shown as a key work at the first Kassel Documenta in 1955. As in Bismarck with Tits I use the mould of my body as the basic form to recreate Kniende in my own image. The elongated limbs and the delicate pose are instantly recognisable but even the image’s contemplation has been transferred to the statue of unfired clay. She doesn’t finch under the water gun assault by members of the audience. Only later, the statue disintegrates exposed to the elements in the garden of the Künstlerhaus am Anscharpark.

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