Tais-toi et soit belle, vs 1

3 jelly bodies, plastic bags, vacuum pump, compressed air

klub KOE #21 – former jail De Leuvensepoort, ‘s-Hertogenbosch (2009)


Three distorted female figures are lying in the cellblock of a former prison, wrapped in large plastic bags that are connected to primitive life-support equipment. I have abused them in a previous life (performances # 1 to 4, 2008) and they resisted me without ever saying a word. Now they are lying here, prisoners of my guilt. Their original beauty has been spoiled by violence and decay but stretched, torn and moulded as they may be, I still think they are magnificent. With these recycled statues new themes are being introduced, like transience and the effort it takes to let things go.

Tais-toi et soit belle, vs 1Marianne
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