what if God was one of us

jelly, liquorice, plexiglass, aluminium, steel, 200 x 600 cm

MIght and Splendour – Church of Our Lady, Breda (2014)
commissioned by Stichting Electron, Breda, for the Heritage Open Day

‘What if God was one of us?’ is the title of a large edible stained glass window, mad for the monumental Church of Our Lady in Breda. It consists of six large portraits, each two meters high, of famous people whose faces have been anonymised to guaranty their privacy. A life in the headlines is often the price people pay for fame and wealth. The anonymity also refers to the destruction of faces during the Iconoclastic Fury. As if by smashing its face, one would eradicate a statue’s power. And perhaps it is true: how much influence would these persons have if they had been truely anonymous? If no one would recognise them?

what if God was one of usMarianne
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